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Q. Will my non-accompanying dependents be required to complete medical examinations?

Ans Non-accompanying dependents are required to undergo medical examinations, as are accompanying dependents. If a non-accompanying dependent is unwilling to undergo a medical examination, it may be possible to have the individual exempted. However, such non-accompanying dependents will not be eligible for subsequent sponsorship as members of the Family Class.

Q. Will I have to take a medical exam?

Ans All prospective immigrants to Australia are required to undergo medical examinations. These examinations are intended to detect any conditions which may affect the health of the Australian public, or which may result in excessive demands being placed upon the Australian health care system. The medical examination includes a standard physical examination, blood tests, urine tests, and X-Rays

Q. When do I pay government fees?

Ans All government processing fees must be submitted concurrently with the submission of the application for permanent residence. By contrast, the Right of Landing fee may be submitted at any time prior to the issuance of landing documents and is refundable if, for any reason, the applicant does not land in Australia.

Q. If I am already in Australia, do I still have to pay the Right of Landing Fee?

Ans Yes, all adult immigrants must pay the Right of Landing Fee.

Q. Are there any special procedures for different provinces in Australia?

Ans Certain provinces have been given the authority to select or nominate candidates for immigration destined to their respective provinces. Quebec has exclusive authority to select candidates who intend to reside in that province. These applicants are subject to Quebec\'s selection criteria, in addition to Federal medical and security clearance requirements. They must also pay an additional fee for processing by a Quebec Delegation. Applicants who qualify under the Federal selection requirements may not necessarily satisfy Quebec\'s selection requirements, and vice versa. To a lesser degree certain provinces presently each have the authority to nominate immigration candidates for selection by Federal immigration authorities. Even without such nomination you may reside in those provinces by meeting Federal selection criteria.